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Shakespearean Sonnet Brief Considerations

30 April 2012

Shakespearean Sonnets are most exclusively on the theme of love, or a theme related to love.

Shakespearean Sonnets by Shakespeare number to 154 sonnets.

There are 14 lines in a Shakespearean sonnet.

The rhyme scheme is “Lyric Poetry” — Lyric Poetry expresses the deep feelings and emotions of the Poet and does not tell a story or describe an observation.

A sonnet is a form of Lyric Poetry.

Sonnets are written in a series, and each is a sequel to the next one.

Sonnets show off the poets ability to write memorable line. I.E., Sonnets are a poets way to perform for others his skill and abilities. Compare with the Hour Long Continuous DJ mix for the Club DJ. or the 4 minute radio edit of a dance track for a Electronic Music Producer.

All 154 Sonnets are written to a single object of affection and an a second object of affection that is desired by the former. It appears Shakespeare is bisexual.

Shakespeare wrote his sonnets all in one city: London.

Shakespeare wrote his sonnets while the Plague caused Theaters to be  closed which prevented Shakespeare from writing plays.

The Shakespearean Sonnet is also called the English Sonnet.

The FORM is as follows:

3 FOUR-LINE STANZAS followed by a TWO-LINE Unit. A FOUR-LINE STANZA is called a quatrain. A TWO-LINE unit is called a COUPLET. So,

A couplet is always indented. In the Shakespearean Sonnet’s couplet, both of the lines rhyme.

Each Quatrain’s individual lines that rhyme are the 1 and 3 lines and the 2 and 4 lines.



IAMBIC PENTAMETER consists of groups of syllables called “feet”. Iambic refers to type of FOOT to be used. Pentameter refers to number of feet to used per line: 5.

An iambic foot has two syllables 1) unstressed 2) stressed. or alternately described as 1) short 2) long.

so “short/long short/long short/long short/long short/long

5 lines

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