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Broken Promises

18 June 2014


Broken Promises
(c) August 16, 2011 All rights reserved

Silence and its deafening white noise swirls around her mind like a tornado causing her head to spin. She keeps promising herself in the end, she will win. But, hope is like a candle whose wick grows shorter through the passing of time. And, her flame has grown so small its fading color of soft blue reflects the hue of her mood.

So, she drops to her knees, lifts her head up, and prays for the silence to end. She prays for help in finding the key to her heart that she hid long ago fearing it may never mend. But, hiding behind fear had become a choke-hold and she realized that taking a risk may be the only antidote to renewing hope.

The walls of solitude were closing in. Darkness was becoming her friend, waiting for her to beg for…

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