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DeJa-Vue: Here we go again.

8 September 2014

You can actually learn to cultivate this feeling, and it is essential to attain things beyond current capacity since it generates feelings and feelings direct the mind and the body follows, Well at least in my case it is that way!


De-Ja-Vue: that feeling that you just can’t put your finger on. The feeling as though you’ve had the exact same experience before, you know you’ve had it and know you haven’t had at the same time.

Trees: we’ve all seen them and depend on them for hospitable atmospheric conditions, and apples, delicious apples.

Okay, so if you’ve read any of my posts before you know that I like to take liberties with concepts that have been kicking around for a while. So the natural question I imagine that is on all of your minds is, “how are trees connected to De-Ja-Vue” or “What the F.” The short answer to both of those questions are, trees produce a chemical that teaches people how to bake pies before baking was even a thing, in order to propagate the apple, while giving us tasty treats after holiday dinners. Just kidding.

The concept is actually…

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