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20 January 2015

Natural Mind Meditation

The practice for awakening natural mind is extraordinarily simple. It is the most human form and experience you can have, and anyone can do it. You just have to sit still, with spine erect, seated on a chair with feet firmly on the floor or on a cushion or pillow with legs folded over each other in lotus or half lotus posture. Your eyes should be slightly opened looking toward the floor. You may place your hands comfortably on your knees, palms down, or place your right hand on your left hand, palms up, held at the level of your navel. Feel your intrinsic dignity in this posture.

Holding the spine erect is already waking up and staying awake. Now in this position, you have nothing to do but watch your breath. Breathe normally. As you become aware of your thoughts just label them “thinking”, and as you exhale, dissolve the thoughts. It matters not the least the nature or content of the thoughts, just dissolve them. At that very moment just as the thought is dissolved lies the “GAP” between the thoughts. It is this GAP you want to become familiar with and cultivate. It is the seed of natural mind and the key to your true, authentic self.

Practice this for at least 15 minutes per day and note the subtle shifts in your perceptions and attitudes. Mind the GAP!

Whole Earth Meditation

Visualize yourself right where you are. Notice the space that you are in, whether it be inside or outside. Now lift out of the environment you find yourself in and look down on it from above. Lift out further and see the entire street or area that you are in. Now expand out and lift higher and higher into space. From space, view the Earth as a single luminous blue mandala. See the Earth from all angles. See it as a planetary orb, a wheel spinning in space with an essential value, its dharma or truth. The dharma or capacity of Earth is its capacity to sustain life.

Visualize the whole of life on Earth, from the animals, to the plants, to the humans down onto the insects and plankton. See it all as one whole system. The whole of the life on the Earth is the biosphere, or the sphere of life that covers the surface of the Earth like a film or vibrant mantle that is ever in motion. Really visualize how all of the different life forms and processes are one unity on this shining blue orb.

Now let your mind penetrate beneath the surface of the Earth. Feel the spherical layers of sediment and crystalline rock. Go to the core and find the massive iron crystal octahedron. Feel this crystal core as a dynamic radio receiver elongated in the direction of each of its magnetic poles. Place yourself in meditation at the very center of that crystal radio receiver. Who is the Earth receiving? What is the Earth broadcasting? Where is the Earth receiving? What messages is Earth giving you right now?

Whole Earth

Meditation on the Noosphere

The Noosphere can function only by releasing more and more
spiritual energy with an ever higher potential.

—Teilhard de Chardin, The Future of Man


This exercise can be done by anyone, alone or preferably in a group.

  1. Sit in meditation posture with spine straight, hands on knees. Clear your mind, dissolving all thoughts with your exhalation—it matters not what the thought, especially all thoughts of subjective attachments, likes, dislikes, etc. Give yourself at least five minutes, much longer if you can. The goal is to get some glimpse of a calm, serene, lucid, and peaceful awareness.
  2. Then, visualize the whole Earth as if from outer space. See it spinning, a swirling blue and white ball, a synchronic unity, always simultaneously night and day. Feel its dispassionate embrace of all beings and everything comprising its biosphere without exception, without praising or blaming anyone or anything. Place the whole Earth spinning within your heart just as it is seen from space.
  3. Now feel into the disparity between the human in its limited, provincial partiality and the whole Earth. Feel the suffering, the hungry, the poor, the sick, the refugees, feel the confusion and the misery, the alienation, the anger and the frustration that are part and parcel of the limited provincial mind-sets. Then think: This suffering is unnecessary, caused by wrong views of reality and ignorance of our planetary nature and role on this whole Earth.
  4. Next practice breathing in the darkness, ignorance, sickness, and suffering, and transmute it all into light in the core of your being, which is the core of the Earth. As you exhale, breathe out light, consciousness, objectivity, compassion, and love to every being on Earth without exception, embracing everyone and everything just as the Earth does. Especially embrace those whom you think might be your enemies. Dissolve them in the light of your love.
  5. Practice taking in the suffering and breathing out the light for maybe ten minutes. Feel in yourself the lucid, impartial, universal compassion of the Earth as being no different than your own consciousness. Really feel it. This is the first step to activating the noosphere. Then proclaim: “I am one with the Earth; the Earth and my self are one mind.” Repeat this slowly several times; imprint it. Learn to breathe with the Earth; untie the knots.

Have nearby a globe, an Earth flag, or picture of the whole Earth from space.

This is how you can begin to overcome your ego and merge your consciousness into the noosphere and become a noospheric activator.

This meditation is from Manifesto for the Noosphere: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness, now available at


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