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21 January 2015

11. The blind person who falls will not be able to get up alone; the blind person who does get up alone will go off on the wrong road. – Sayings of Light and Love by St. John of the Cross ==== Prefixed to this 1281 Carmelite Constitution was this statement: “From the times when the prophet Elias (Elijah) and Eliseus dwelt devoutly on Mount Carmel, holy fathers both of the old and new Testament….lived praiseworthy lives in holy penitence by the fountain of Elias in a holy succession uninterruptedly maintained.” ==== 11 TO RELIEVE IT, SO FAR AS ONE CAN, IS PERMITTED, BUT REFLECT THAT NOT MUCH MISFORTUNE HAS FATE GIVEN TO THE GOOD. – Golden Verses of Pythagoras ==== TUESDAY EVENING, ANGEL OF POWER DESCEND UPON MY ACTING BODY AND DIRECT ALL MY ACTS, STARS, COSMOVITAL FORCE; TUESDAY MORNING, ANGEL OF JOY, DESCEND UPON EARTH AND GIVE BEAUTY TOO ALL BEINGS, HARMONY. -DAY CONTEMPLATIVE FORCE ==== RESONANT 11 KALI 1 Svadhisthana Secret Center (between the root and navel) Catalytic Blue Kali /// When it is pure and translucent, pulsing at your secret center, allow it to dissolve and transform itself into an orange six-petalled lotus. /// May the supramental forces gather their electroplasmic structures of spiritual evolution and release them into the noosphere! /// “My name is the glorious lotus-born, I catalyze the light-heat within.” Feel within yourself this light-heat, the self-generated electricity that arises from a condition of immaculate purity. /// 3 Higher mind control activates fourth mental sphere. Visualize the fourth mental sphere (continuing conscious) located in the brain above the left eye in the left cerebral hemisphere. This mental sphere controls and governs the rear left hemisphere. /// cultivate continuing consciousness and fill your mind entirely. The moment that any other thought tries to enter the mind displace it immediately with the thought-construct upon which you are concentrating. /// Visualize the orange six-petaled lotus Svadhisthana chakra with the blue Kali plasma superimposed over it at your sacral area. Hold this visualization and feel the two intermingle as you chant the sacred letter HRIM as long as your breath can sustain it. Harmonic UR rune 95: Galactic Art Whole Becomes Meditation of Reality. === I Empower in order to Know I Command Healing I seal the store of accomplishment With the Overtone tone of Radiance I am guided by the power of Vision

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