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Chapter 5 • Synchrogalactic Yoga II: the Practices Level 4: Opening the Fifth Heptad Gate (414)

4 February 2015

Chapter 5 • Synchrogalactic Yoga II: the Practices
Level 4: Opening the Fifth Heptad Gate (414)
Visualize the blue sixteen-petaled lotus Vishuddha chakra with the yellow
Alpha plasma superimposed over it at your throat. Hold this visualization and
feel the two intermingle as you chant the sacred letter HRAUM as long as your
breath can sustain it.
Locate Heptad Gate 414 and the Hyperelectron symbol on the 441 holomind perceiver. Its matrix
location is V11:H14, eighth circuit, 9th time dimension, inner core time. Now locate it in your body
at front, center top of your skull (see graphic at the end of this chapter).
Visualize the Hyperelectron with the spiraling red Kuali force field above the yellow Alpha in your
throat chakra. Take the Hyperelectron into the fifth mental sphere in the fifth time dimension (red
Kuali electrothermic force field H11:V1-7, right-handed time) where it activates the superconscious
as hyperelectronic superconscious informing mental spheres one and two.
From the fifth mental sphere, mentally direct the black Hyperelectron to the throat chakra and
impress it above the Alpha seal. Hold this with four alternate nostril breaths (four times in and out
through each nostril), followed by one breath through both nostrils.
Descend down the central column (spine), secreting the Hyperelectron (red kuali force field) into all
144,000 etheric fibers of the astral body. Practice the breath of fire, rapid shallow breathing through
the nose, transmuting any blockages or obscurations into streams of crystal clear hyperelectronic
superconscious spreading through your entire nervous system.
The black Hyperelectron with spectral, electric red Kuali force field vibrates subtle activating
electronic force into all etheric fibers. Descend back down central channel and leave Alpha at the
throat chakra. Return your consciousness to the fifth mental sphere, then close and seal the Heptad
Gate at the front top-center of your skull. Relax and breathe slowly and deeply at least 13 times.
Harmonic UR rune 90: Galactic Art Whole Defined by Time.
For additional practice: Locate Heptad Gate 414 on the Hunab Ku 21. Note that it corresponds
to the Enlightened One, the Bringer of the Higher Truth, the Renewer of Life, Holder of the
Timespace Wisdom; G/K Pluto, Bode Number 388. Study all of the connections (see graphic at the
end of this chapter).

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