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Chapter 5 • Synchrogalactic Yoga II: the Practices – Day One: DALI – Level 1: Meditating the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

22 February 2015

Chapter 5 • Synchrogalactic Yoga II: the Practices – Day One: DALI – Level 1: Meditating the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

Sit in a comfortable meditative posture. Keep your spine erect and body relaxed. With the body

completely still, practice a few moments of natural mind meditation. Once the mind is sufficiently

clear, direct your attention to your crown or Sahasrara chakra. Make it as clear and pristine as

possible, glistening and sparkling with vibrant energy. When it is pure and translucent, floating

just above the top of your head, allow it to dissolve and transform itself into a thousand-petalled

violet lotus.

Concentrate on this area inside of your crown chakra. This is the doorway to cosmic consciousness.

This center contains the dormant capacity for total enlightenment. Yogic scriptures say that the

Sahasrara chakra is the seat of the self-luminous soul or chitta, the essence of mind.

This chakra is governed by the feminine principle or Shakti Goddess Maha Shakti (Union). When this

center is finally awakened the activities of the mind cease and merge into the light of illumination.

This is the source of cosmic enlightenment.

Feel the textures of light/heat, warmth and nurturance balancing your pineal gland and cerebral

cortex, bringing all of your chakras into harmony. Your entire glandular system is pacified and bathed

in the warmth of this divine light. In this chakra lies our capacity to tune into and even take on

different qualities or stages of being. This is the place used by mediums to channel information.

By awakening our crown chakra we become clear light oracles of planetary divination; to divine is

to know directly by mind.

Sahasrara affirmation: May the pure light universe infuse our soul’s journey, that the planetary noosphere

may become the crown of pure radiance!

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