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5 March 2015


The black Hyperneutron with spectral, electric blue Duar force field vibrates subtle

activating neutronic force into all etheric fibers. Descend back down the central channel and

Book of the Transcendence • Cosmic History Chronicles • Volume VI

leave Limi at the solar plexus chakra. Return your consciousness to the sixth mental sphere,

then close and seal the Heptad Gate at the back top-side of your skull. Relax and breathe slowly

and deeply at least 13 times.

Harmonic UR rune 81: Radiogenesis Establishes Galactic Life Whole.

For additional practice: Locate Heptad Gate 402 on the Hunab Ku 21. Note that it corresponds to

the Yogi/Yogini, the Meditation Master, Holder of the Transcendental Wisdom; S/P Neptune, Bode

Number 300. Study all of the connections (see graphic at the end of this chapter).

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