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10 March 2015

The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel
An Esoteric Spiritual Order

The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel is an esoteric spiritual Order which fully embraces the deeper levels of the ancient Nazorean ‘Way’ of Jesus the Christ. We are a modern resurrection of the ancient Nazorean Christians.

There were anciently two branches of Essenes – the Ossaeans and the Nazorean. The southern Ossaeans were known as the B’nai-Zadok, or “Children of Zadok.” The northern Nazorean were known as the B’nai-Amen, or “Children of God.”

The B’nai-Amen lived in and around Nazorean Temples such as the one on Mount Carmel and the smaller one in the Essene Quarter of western Jerusalem (now known as the “Church of the Apostles, or Cenacle).

The Nazorean had no intentions on the main Jerusalem Temple or in restoring its animal sacrifice cult. The Nazorean abhorred all animal sacrifice and rejected, as forgeries and fictions, all Jewish scriptures that encourage such barbaric practices. The Nazorean also had a different calendar than the Qumran B’nai-Zadok, a different set of scriptures, a different “Teachers of Righteousness,” and a different and more positive attitude toward marriage and women.

It was into the ancient and mystical B’nai-Amen Temple of the Nazorean that Jesus was born; as it is written: “He shall be called a Nazorean!” (Matthew 2:23). This B’nai-Amen Temple was the advanced level of the Nazorean Covenant which brought forth the “Chosen Ones,” and is that advanced level of truth which Jesus has again restored and is again seeking to make available to all righteous Nazorean who wish to espouse its fullness.

The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel consists of men and women of high moral character, dedicated to studying and teaching the ancient mysteries of the higher aspirations of the soul and applying the Nazorean teachings of Jesus, the Nazorean. We are also dedicated to preserving the original texts as best we can. We do not condone tampering with the manuscripts of antiquity.

The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel in North America stands alone, separate and autonomous, or rather, autocephalous. The Order has no origination from nor association with any other Order claiming the Essene and/or Nazorean name in the United States, Canada or Europe.

Essene – An ancient term of the sect of Judaism which birthed, raised and then followed the Master – Yeshua (Essene Jesus). Noted for their vegetarianism, communal living and healing art practices.
Nazorean – Denotes those under a special vow of holiness wherein one’s whole life is consecrated upward toward purity and perfection. Nazorean were also noted for their abstinence from social drinking. Essene villages near Mount Carmel were filled with Nazorean, hence the village name of Nazareth.
Mount Carmel – A spiritual stronghold of the northern Essene movement. A place spoken of in reverence by ancient Egyptian Priests, a place where Pythagoras (the father of mathematics and philosophy) studied, the place of the Oracle and Altar of Elijah the Prophet, a place where Yeshua (Jesus) is said to have been taught and a place whence a remnant of Hebrew speaking followers of Yeshua inspired the formation of the Catholic Carmelite Order.
Yahshua – Phonetic spelling of Yeshua.
Ha Mashiakh – The Messiah, The Anointed or The Christ, the title of Yeshua in his role as anointed Savior.
School of The Prophets Nazorean& Ossaeans Essene Gospel Of Peace
What is a Nazorean B’nai-Amen & Ebionites The Gospel of The Nazarenes
New Testament Nazorean B’nai-Amen & B’nai-Zadok Essene-influenced Scriptures
Jesus’ Life and Teachings Mount Carmel & The B’nai-Amen Studies In Mysticism
The Way of Jesus the Nazorean Pythagoras & the Nazorean Cayce Readings On Mt. Carmel
Ancient Historians & the Essenes The Early Church Writings The Gnostic Gospels and Writings
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Essene Gospels Of Peace

The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1 “The Essene Gospel of Peace”
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 2 “The Unknown Books of the Essenes”
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 3 “Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood”
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 4 “The Teachings of the Elect”

Other Essene Writings

From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Essene Science Of Fasting
Banus The Essene
Essene Revelation
Essene Holy Streams
Essene Seven Fold Peace
Essene Seven Fold Peace II
Essene Seven Fold Vow
Vision Of Enoch

Morning, Noon, and Evening EsseneCommunions to Follow

Day Contemplative Force
Seek Peace With:
Saturday =Earthly Mother = Food = Nutrition
Sunday =Angel of Earth = Top Soil Growth = Regeneration Glands
Monday =Angel of Life = Trees = Vitality
Tuesday=Angel of Joy = Beauty = Harmony
Wednesday=Angel of Sun = Sunrise =Fire of Life
Thursday =Angel of Water = Blood, Rivers, Etc.= Circulation
Friday =Angel of Air = Breath = Energies of Atmosphere

Saturday =Kingdom of the Heavenly Father
Sunday =Kingdom of the Earthly Mother
Monday= Culture
Tuesday = Humanity (Social Peace)
Wednesday=Family (Feeling Body)
Thursday=Mind (Thinking Body)
Friday = Body (Acting Body)

Saturday =Angel of Eternal Life = Superior Planets= Overcoming Gravity
Sunday =Angel of Creative Work= Bees = Creative Work of Man
Monday =Angel of Peace =Crescent Moon=Peace Within
Tuesday =Angel of Power = Stars, Superior Acts = Nervous System, Cosmic Ocean of Life
Wednesday =Angel of Love =Superior Feeling= Emotions, Cosmic Ocean of Love
Thursday =Angel of Wisdom = Superior Thoughts = Thinking Body
Friday =Heavenly Father =Cosmic Currents = Final Union with Cosmic Ocean
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The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel
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