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5 April 2015


The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel is an esoteric spiritual Order which fully embraces the deeper levels of the ancient Nazorean ‘Way’ of Jesus the Christ. We are a modern resurrection of the ancient Nazorean Christians.

And then many sick and maimed came to Jesus, asking him. “if you know all things, tell us, why do we suffer with these grievous plagues? Why are we not whole like other men? Master, heal us, that we too may be made strong, and need abide no longer in our misery. We know that you have it in your power to heal all manner of disease. Free us from Satan and from all his great afflictions. Master, have compassion on us.”


“And your true brothers are all those who do the will of your Heavenly Father and of your Earthly Mother, and not your brothers by blood. I tell you truly, that your true brothers in the will of the Heavenly Father and of the Earthly Mother will love you a thousand times more than your brothers by blood. For since the days of Cain and Abel, when brothers by blood transgressed the will of God, there is no true brotherhood by blood. And brothers do unto brothers as do strangers. Therefore, I say to you, love your true brothers in the will of God a thousand times more than your brothers by blood.


“It is by love, that the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother and the Son of Man become one. For the spirit of the Son of Man was created from the spirit of the Heaven Father, and his body from the body of the Earthly Mother. Become, therefore, perfect as the spirit of your Heavenly Father and the body of your Earthly Mother are perfect. And so love your Heavenly Father, as he loves your spirit. And so love your Earthly Mother, as she loves your body. And so love your true brothers, as your Heavenly Father and your Earthly Mother love them. And then your Heavenly Father shall give you his holy spirit, and your Earthly Mother shall give you her holy body. And then shall the Sons of Men like true brothers give love one to another, the love which they received from their Heavenly Father and from their Earthly Mother; and they shall all become comforters one of another. And then shall disappear from the earth all evil and all sorrow, and there shall be love and joy upon earth. And th en shall the earth be like the heavens, and the kingdom of God shall come. And then shall come the Son of Man in all his glory, to inherit the kingdom of God. And then shall the Sons of Men divide their divine inheritance, the kingdom of God. For the Sons of Men live in the Heavenly Father and in the Earthly Mother, and the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother live in them. And then with the kingdom of God shall come the end of the times. For the Heavenly Father’s love gives to all life everlasting in the kingdom of God. For love is eternal. Love is stronger than death.


Chapter 1

The Essenes And Their Teaching
From the remote ages of antiquity a remarkable teaching has existed which is universal in its application and ageless in its wisdom. Fragments of it are found in Sumerian hieroglyphs and on tiles and stones dating back some eight or ten thousand years. Some of the symbols, such as for the sun, moon, air, water and other natural forces, are from an even earlier age preceding the cataclysm that ended the Pleistocene period. How many thousands of years previous to that the teaching existed is unknown.

To study and practice this teaching is to reawaken within the heart of every man an intuitive knowledge that can solve his individual problems and the problems of the world.

Traces of the teaching have appeared in almost every country and religion. Its fundamental principles were taught in ancient Persia, Egypt, India, Tibet, China, Palestine, Greece and many other countries. But it has been transmitted in its most pure form by the Essenes, that mysterious brotherhood which lived during the last two or three centuries B. C. and the first century of the Christian era at the Dead Sea in Palestine and at Lake Mareotis in Egypt. In Palestine and Syria the members of the brotherhood were known as Essenes and in Egypt as Therapeutae, or healers.

The esoteric part of their teaching is given in The Tree of Life, The Communions, and the Sevenfold Peace. The exoteric or outer teaching appears in “The Essene Gospel of Peace,’ “Genesis, An Essene Interpretation,” “Moses, the Prophet of the Law,” and “The Sermon on the Mount.”


“Blessings on all that have cast their lot with the Law,

that walk truthfully in all their ways.

May the Law bless them with all good

And keep them from all evil

And illumine their hearts

with insight into the things of life

and grace them with knowledge of things eternal.”

From “The Manual of Discipline” of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Chapter 8

Individual Inventory

Thousands of years ago the Essenes practiced a system of psychoanalysis which was much more all-sided than psychoanalysis as practiced today. It is remote from us in time but has a universal quality that modern psychotherapy lacks.

It represents a personal inventory of the Essene ideals of conduct and individual evolution, and can be of the greatest value to contemporary man as a balance sheet of his degree of harmony with the Law.

The Essenes, considering as they did that man lives in the midst of a field of forces, knew that the natural and cosmic forces which surround him and flow through him are superior, positive forces. But they also knew that man by his deviations from the law in thinking, feeling and acting constantly creates negative, inferior forces in the midst of which he also lives. He is connected with all of these forces and cannot be separated from them; moreover he is always cooperating, consciously or unconsciously with the superior forces or with the inferior ones. He cannot be neutral.

Under this Essene system, which was first practiced at the time of Zoroaster, the individual made a weekly self analysis of his thoughts, words and deeds. This balancing showed the extent to which he was cooperating with or deviating from the superior forces, and gave a cross-section of his character, abilities and physical condition, thus indicating the degree of his evolution in life.

The analysis enabled him to recognize his strong and weak points. By sincerely and vigorously striving to make his thinking, feeling and actions ever better and better, he progressed with the life-time job of self improvement.

There may be some who feel that with all the modern sciences it is unnecessary to go back 8000 years to an ancient teaching. But it is a question how much the developments of science have accomplished in increasing human happiness and well being. The general insecurity and neurosis of the present day and the widespread economic and social unrest give a definitely negative answer. Man has gained an enormous amount of theoretical knowledge in the framework of his scientific culture but this has not increased his happiness or individual evolution. It has not served to connect him with the universe, the cosmic system, or to show him his place and role in it.

Without such knowledge man cannot follow the path of optimal evolution for himself or for the planet.

The present day neurosis is caused by man’s current deviations from the law of harmony with natural and cosmic forces. If a man tries his best to live in harmony with them he will never develop neurosis.

Psychology today tends to emphasize only one or two of these natural forces. Freud, for instance, considered deviations from the law of the natural force of sex caused man’s inharmony; others have concentrated on other forms of deviation. But the system practiced in Zoroaster’s time considered harmony with all the natural and cosmic forces to be necessary for all-around health and psychological balance. Its superiority over other systems rests in its all-sidedness and universality.

The job of self-improvement, it shows, has to be carried on day by day, by the individual himself. Psychoanalysis, on the other hand, depends largely on the analyst, for the person being analyzed assumes a somewhat passive role. In the Zoroastrian method the individual’s achievement of harmony is the life-time task of the individual, not some one else’s job to be completed in a couple of years or less.

The sixteen elements used in the system embrace every aspect of human life. They correspond, in a degree, to the fourteen forces symbolized by the Essene Tree of Life. It was not the purpose of the Essenes, either in the time of Zoroaster or later, to divide the natural and cosmic forces into any rigid or artificial pattern, but simply to consider them in such ways as would express most clearly their value and utilization in man’s life.

Perfection was not demanded in the analysis, but the individual was urged to strive continually to improve his relationship to each of the sixteen forces and to achieve ever greater harmony and utilization of their powers and energies. The individual who does this will enjoy an actively creative life bringing him the highest measure of happiness and service to others. The one who continues to deviate will find life becoming less and less interesting and rewarding while misery and frustration will become increasingly great.

The teachings of the Essenes gave man a clear knowledge of his place and role in the universe and their method of weekly self-analysis enabled them to know how clearly they understood the teaching and how thoroughly they were practicing it and following the path of their individual evolution.

Of the sixteen forces that were utilized in making the analysis, eight belonged to the earthly forces and eight to the cosmic ones. The earthly forces were the sun, water, air, food, man, earth, health and joy. The cosmic powers were power, love, wisdom, the preserver, the Creator, eternal life, work and peace.

The analysis considered each of the forces from three different aspects:

  1. Is the power or force understood
  2. Does the individual feel the significance of the force deeply and sincerely
  3. Is the power used continually and in the best possible way


The following are the meanings and uses of the earthly forces.

  1. The sun is a very important source of energy and its solar power is to be contacted and utilized to the utmost every day in the form that is best for the health and well being of the individual.

  2. Water is an essential element of life. It is to be used in the proper way in diet and a bath in water is to be taken every morning throughout the year.

  3. Air has a tremendous role in the health of the body and as much time as possible is to be spent outdoors breathing pure fresh air and utilizing the energies of the atmosphere for health.

  4. Food is to be of the right kind and taken in the right amount to supply another vital force to the organism.

  5. Man was considered to be a force representing each one’s right and responsibility toward his own evolution. Each individual is to use every moment to further his progress in life and it is a job which no one can do for him. He is to know, and understand, his own potentialities and find the most practical way of developing and utilizing them in the service of mankind.

  6. Earth represents the two aspects of the generative force which creates more abundant life on the planet. The one creates life from the soil, producing the trees and all vegetation. The other manifests in the sexual energies in man. The individual is to understand and utilize the most optimal ways of growing plants and food, and of a harmonious sexual life.

  7. Health is dependent upon man’s harmonious relationship with all the forces of earth, with the sun, water, air, food, man, earth and joy. The individual is to realize the importance of good health for his own sake and for the sake of others; and he is to practice all ways of improving his health, in thinking, feeling and acting.

  • Joy is man’s essential right and he is to perform all his daily activities with a deep feeling of joy surging within him and radiating around him, understanding its great importance for himself and others.

These are the forces of nature which man is to learn to understand and utilize. The following eight powers of the cosmos are even more important in man’s life, for he cannot live in complete harmony with the earthly forces unless he is also in harmony with the heavenly powers.


  1. Power is manifested continually through man’s actions and deeds, both of which are the result of his cooperation or lack of cooperation with all other powers and forces, in accord with the iron law of cause and effect. The individual is to understand the importance of good deeds; and he is to realize that his personality, position and environment in life are the result of his past deeds, even as his future will be exactly what his present deeds make it. He is therefore to strive at all times to perform good deeds that express harmony with the laws of both nature and the cosmos.

  2. Love is expressed in the form of gentle and kind words to others, which affect the individual’s own health and happiness as well as that of others. Sincere love toward all beings is to be manifested by harmonious feelings and words.

  3. Wisdom is manifested in the form of good thoughts and it is man’s privilege and right to increase his knowledge and understanding in every way possible so that he may think only good thoughts. He is to seek to grow in wisdom so as to understand more and more the cosmic order and his own role in it. Only by attaining a degree of wisdom can an individual learn to hold only good thoughts in his consciousness and to refuse to entertain negative, destructive thoughts about any person, place, condition or thing.

  4. Preservation of values concerns the power to preserve all that is useful and of true value, whether a tree, plant, house, relationship between people or harmony in any form. When anyone destroys, or lets any good thing go to waste, deteriorate or be damaged, whether material or immaterial, he is cooperating with the negative destructive forces of the world. Every opportunity is to be used to prevent damage to whatever has value.

  5. Creation signifies the necessity for man to use his creative powers, since his role on the planet is to continue the work of the Creator. He is therefore to try to do something original and creative, something new and different, as often as he can, whether it is an invention of some kind, a work of art, or anything which will benefit others.

  6. Eternal Life concerns man’s sincerity with himself and others in all he does and with all those whom he meets. He is to be deeply sincere in analyzing his relationship, his understanding and utilization of all the forces of nature and the cosmos; and he is to make every effort to evaluate himself honestly as he actually is without rationalizing or justifying the things he does or says or thinks.

  7. Work is the precondition of many other values. It means the performance of one’s daily tasks with care and efficiency. It is an individual’s contribution to society and a precondition of happiness for all concerned, for when one person does not perform his work properly, others have to do it. Man is to learn to have a deep feeling of satisfaction in his work so that he may return to society all he receives from it.

  8. Peace is to be created and maintained by every individual within and around himself that he may be an instrument in helping to prevent inharmony, enmity and wars, since the condition of the whole of humanity depends upon the condition of its atoms, the individuals who compose it. The individual is to feel deeply the need for this inner peace and to do all he can to establish and maintain it wherever he is.

The person who evaluates himself according to these sixteen elements of life will know clearly wherein his personal development may be improved, and in what ways he can help more fully in the evolution of humanity.

By so doing he will move further toward his final goal, the goal toward which all mankind is moving, union with the Heavenly Father.

“I have reached the inner vision

and through Thy spirit in me

I have heard Thy wondrous secret.

Through Thy mystic insight

Thou hast caused a spring

Of knowledge to well up within me,

a fountain of power, pouring forth living waters,

a flood of love and Of all-embracing wisdom

like the splendor of eternal Light.”

From “The Book of Hymns”
of the Dead Sea scrolls

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