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MYSTIC LAW is a House Music Fan That Was Inspired To Create, Remix, and Share Various electronic dance music grooves in a way that encourages party goers to express themselves creatively through DANCE.


WHY DOES MYSTIC LAW DO THIS? So that party goers may deepen and enrich their lives and the lives of their loved ones through experiencing trancendental experiences grounded in being present in the moment by exhausting their physical bodies’ resources so as to effectuate the destruction of barriers generated in the mind.


WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO DO THIS?, Well, it has been an inherent part of human nature to transcend the illusory limitations of self-improvement through meditative dance practices in cultures as far back as there is recorded history of human beings.


Why do you think people seek out transcendent dance experiences? Because it is the most universal route to unlock latent creativity from the mind to effortlessly flow from the mind while the body becomes one with the rhythmic patterns generated by repetitive movements that aid the body mind connection, this happens due to the mind trying to cope with the intense physical demands placed on the body, and also due to the hypnotic effect of rhythmic synchronization.


This creative expression must be drawn out from within one’s core essence to continue the process of transformation because of the intense nature of the mystical healing aspects of dance achieved through enduring multiple hour blocks of continuous motion with single-pointed mindfulness on uplifting music crafted and programed to assist and encourage and remind the dancer to continue moving forward through time by causing the present moment to expand and unfold. This  revealing activity of increased awareness of oneself and one’s environment through the intense organized movement of the body generated through a high level of focused concentration on the rhythm and its relationship to the self, thus activates creative expression of the self through dance.


This sort of unification of the environment and the self is achieved without anxiety or pressure since the ego is dissolved through the intense exertion.


MYSTIC LAW is determined to craft auidotistical programs intended to encourage, support, and even create the appropriate atmosphere for the spiritual aspects of a human being to be experienced and drawn out through the universal experience of meditational movement which is considered to be called by many names. However, to encapsulate the complex meaning outlined here, West Coast Soul Grooving seems rather appropriate.

  1. Glad to see you up on here Mystic Law. Dance to the Rhythm! – Tranquil Light


  2. Hi there ,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated.
    Have a great Day, 🙂

  3. For a couple minutes I was transcended back to the late 70’s, early 80’s hunting down cow paddies with galoshes and dish washing gloves out in the lower 40’s Don’t know what the lower 40’s are, but they are always saying stuff like and that’s all I got to say bout that…. snicker) Don’t mean to step on any one’s beliefs, but it was good times and bad, but it didn’t matter, because we were held together like glue which lasted well beyond what we thought it would. Klipschorn corner horn speakers, 6 hours of reel to REAL made the evening seamless and yes spiritual. Enjoy now or forever regret it.

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